Fall 2016 Thursday Morning Bible Study

This fall, our Thursday morning Bible Study will be walking through the Psalms. I hope you will consider joining us each week at 10 am in the office. As a guide for those attending, or some inspiration for those who might want to follow along at home, our schedule and study guide through the end of the year follows. We will move onto a new series when we re-start after the Christmas break.



September 8 Psalm 133
September 15 Psalm 100
September 22 Psalm 23
September 29 Psalm 80
October 6 Psalm 137
October 13 NO STUDY
October 20 Psalm 51
October 27 Psalm 1
November 3 Psalm 149
November 10 Psalm 118
November 17 Psalm 46
November 24 NO STUDY
December 1 Psalm 122
December 8 Psalm 72
December 15 Psalm 146
December 22 Psalm 80
December 29 NO STUDY


Please note that for days of inclement weather, we will follow the decision of Berkeley County Public Schools. But please always make your own decision about whether you are comfortable travelling on the roads, based on your local conditions! If you have questions, you can call Pastor Sarah (304-878-3868).



For each week, please read and reflect on the assigned Psalm, and come prepared to share your thoughts on these questions, as well as any insights, research or questions your own reflections has raised.


Theological Reflection

  1. What does this psalm say about God?
  2. What does this psalm say about humans?
  3. What does this psalm say about the relationship between God and humans?



  1. What songs, poems, stories or films does this psalm bring to mind?
  2. What images does this psalm bring to mind?
  3. Imagine engaging all your senses in this psalm? What comes to mind?



  1. How does this psalm inspire you?
  2. How does this psalm challenge you?
  3. To whom might this psalm connect most powerfully in our time?